Vulnerability Management

Today's advanced threats demand intelligent security solutions.


Know your vulnerabilities

Cyber attacks are dramatically increasing day to day. So, it is essential that companies have complete and continuous visibility of their IT environment that allows them to reduce vulnerabilities ensuring the continuity of their business.


Have full visibility of all your assets and identify modern attack vulnerabilities and misconfigurations on an ongoing basis.


Determine the risk of the vulnerability to the business by using threat intelligence and asset criticality across your environment.


Learn which vulnerabilities represent the greatest risk to your organization, so you decide what to focus on first.


Develop a strategic cybersecurity plan that embraces best practices and keeps you out of modern attacks.

Real-time analysis

Our cybersecurity solutions allow a quick and precise response through the Continuous Compromise Assessment model. Continuous assessment of compromise is the real-time measurement of the situation, automating the incidents fix of confirmed attacks.

This industry-unique approach increases your responsiveness while maintaining full visibility of your infrastructure. It differentiates by collecting, normalizing and analyzing a wide range of metadata, including DNS, Netflows, proxy access logs, firewalls and Spambox.

How exposed is your infrastructure?

We offer you a free vulnerability scanning test that will allow you to develop a cybersecurity action plan against today's threats.