Passwordless authentication

Security designed from the customer experience.


Friendly and secure authentication

The challenge for companies is offering a secure environment, protecting the identity of their clients, but at the same time providing them with an agile and friendly experience. With an identity manager you can offer biometric authentication through fingerprint or facial recognition of users, eliminating the use of passwords.

Exceptional UX

Identity verification without usernames or passwords. A differential, instant and effortless user experience.

Robust security

Totally secure access and 100% accuracy. With reliable network technology that prevents attack vectors like Account takeover.

Portable authentication

It allows you to connect to any application from any mobile device or from computers with biometrics.

No apps or downloads

Easy to integrate into any platform, app or service. No app download or specialized hardware required.

Easy, accurate and fast to develop

In 3 simple steps, your customers can access their accounts from anywhere, on any linked device. Provides a secure password-free login experience, making account registration and business transactions easier than ever before.

Step 1

Connect mobile device.

Step 2

Biometric authentication without applications.

Step 3

Customer identity verified.

Passwordless identification

It offers a modern and secure customer experience. Requiring users to enter passwords has a highly negative impact on businesses. 64.5% of consumers leave a website if they are asked to create a username and password.

Completely remove passwords. Allow the authentication of your clients to be based on their identity, and not on a knowledge factor that can be lost, stolen or compromised.

More security. Less friction. Higher earnings.

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