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Strategic storage

With our consulting services you can create a data structure strategy that aligns with the specific requirements of your business, driving innovation and providing better business results both on-premises and on the cloud.

Our certifications and extensive experience allow us to provide an effective service, ensuring that our clients obtain the best service, administration and monitoring of their data storage. We also provide services to implement secondary storage for backup or disaster recovery. These services include the process of design, implementation, high availability testing and recovery, and, at last, integration into your environment.

Our implementation services are designed to provide flexibility and enhance your data ecosystem in a secure way.

  • Installation of storage appliance and disc shelves at the client's facilities.
  • Initial configuration of the purchased equipment.
  • Software upgrade to the newest system version available.
  • Installation of the licenses acquired to use all the available features.
  • Space provisioning according to client requirements.
  • Recovery tests after failures so that you can check the High Availability of the complete solution.
  • Connectivity test with the client's environment to ensure that everything has been correctly configured.
  • Enabling the AutoSupport™ alert service allows to verify that any component failure will be automatically alerted to the support team.
  • Transfer of data (TOI) so that your Operations team can learn about the acquired solution.
The NetApp products we deploy are ready to solve everything from the smallest to the largest challenges. We have certifications and experience on the following platforms:


The best cloud-optimized SAN & NAS unified storage platform trusted by customers. With highly available hardware and powerful software, FAS and AFF systems cost-effectively deliver the performance, data protection, security, and scalability needed to protect data and improve team efficiency.


The industry's leading software-defined, object-based hybrid cloud storage solution. Whether your unstructured data stays local to your premises or travels around the world in the public cloud, StorageGRID can meet all of your usage needs.


Ideal for data-intensive applications such as analytics, video surveillance, and disk-based backup. Even for remote offices that require a mixed workload for their applications. In addition to powerful performance, the E-Series supports flexible and cost-effective cloud backup and recovery. It also features a modern browser-based GUI for easy, customizable management and fast data access.

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